Welcome to holiday in Cavallino (Venice).

Casa Zaffalon is proud to offer genuine hospitality and courtesy all the year round.

Casa Zaffalon U.A.N.C. (family tourist activities) Cavallino-Treporti (VENICE), rent all year round with its weekly from Saturday to Saturday.
If interested for more than a week do not hesitate to contact us using our form on “Book Now” page, we will respond within 24 hours, also considering any discounts compared to our seasonal price list reference. Come visit our beautiful beach…

The beach “elixir of life…”

The sea is healthy, it can be a good remedy for our well-being.

The beach of Cavallino (VE) where the Casa Zaffalon apartment is located offers a breathtaking view thanks to the lighthouse overlooking the sea like a cyclops.

Sun, sea and pool in complete freedom.

Fun and relaxation guaranteed for young and old, word of Casa Zaffalon.

When all days become the same is because you do not notice most of the good things that happen in life whenever the sun crosses the sky.
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist, 1988.

Live the lagoon all year round, discover the islands…

The Venice lagoon house small islands, pearls of beauty.

The origin of the Venetian lagoon, dates back to about 6,000 years ago when the sea level, after changes due to glaciation, which stood on the present alignment of the coast.
By this time, the evolution of the northern Adriatic coast, was the predominant action of the rivers and the sea.
In fact, the apparatus of the delta of the rivers Po went on towards the sea on the basis of their sediment transport, coastal currents and wave. The combined action of these factors led to the formation of sandbars, which once emerged in relation to the wind and the related formation of sand dunes, they lined ponds assumed that the characteristics of brackish ecosystem, thanks to an intermediate position between fresh water and salt water.

Venice is the heart. Around, like circles in water, expand the territories to be discovered. In a world where distances are canceled, the real adventure is to go deeper, to understand the roots and values ​​of an area, to taste experience out of the ordinary, accompanied by guides that narrate places.

Holiday apartment close to Venice.

For those who want to make holiday in Venice without having to bear the expense of inner city.

The coast of Cavallino – Vacation at the Cavallino between colors, scents and flavors.
A strip of land suspended between sea and lagoon, a nature park of extraordinary beauty, a unique environment to visit and enjoy total liberty in the ways and in different forms. This is Cavallino, fifteen kilometers of coastline a step away from Venice, where hospitality from deep roots and nature has generously dispensed gifts. A lovely place to stay overnight the dream vacation.

Ideal point for culture holidays and events.

To discover the events and festivities that occur in Venice during the year.